Endoscopy is a group of diagnostic procedures used for imaging in many medical fields. Endoscopic examination allows exploration of the space inside the human body and micro surgical procedures. The main tool used during this type of diagnosis is an endoscope, which is a fiber optic tube that ends in a mini-camera. Insertion of the endoscope into a selected part of the body gives the possibility to fully view the examined space in real time and perform the desired surgical procedures under control.

Diagnostic examinations with the use of an endoscope are undertaken in many fields of medicine: gastrology, orthopedics, ENT, urology, gynecology and many others. Because of the need to use the endoscope in so many areas of research, the tool has varied characteristics and design. It is common in medicine to use flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, endoscopes with an ultrasound head, with an instrument for collecting examination material.

In our offer you will find endoscopes and components of endoscopic apparatus from various manufacturers.

Just about all our  replacement components come from disassembled medical devices from the world's major manufacturers. Every spare part is properly taken apart by our qualified specialists, thoroughly examined, conserved and runs via a really rigid verification process before it is included to our offer. All replacement parts are tagged and tested to be entirely compatible with the unit type and software version of the repaired or serviced equipment. We send our replacement components worldwide. elements are usually shipped instantly in properly secured packages by courier operators.

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