Cardiology has become a key field of medicine. As it deals with the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, it must use modern equipment and reliable tools. Cardiology tools and equipment are the basis for the efficient and effective diagnosis of heart defects. In our offer in the cardiology category, you will find parts for many tools desired in cardiology departments and outpatient cardiology clinics. We invite you to browse through the subcategories where we offer you components and parts for tools such as EKG machines, echocardiographers, heart-lung machines, Holters, ultrasound machines, ergo spirometers, cardio monitors, pulse oximeters, infusion pumps and other equipment used during cardiology examinations.

Heart Lung Machines

The Heart Lunge Machine is a modern generation extracorporeal circulation device. It does the work of the patient's heart and lungs during surgery, thus pumping blood and oxygenating it. Usually, Heart Lunge Machines are designed in a modular system, which allows configuration according to the desired requirements. They combine the complexity of cardiopulmonary surgery with the intuitive and clear operation, making patient monitoring and management during surgery quite precise, easy and safe for the patient. The Heart Lunge Machine allows oxygen-rich blood to be delivered to the brain and other vital organs while the heart is immobilized and deprived of blood for efficient and complex cardiac surgery.

At the same time, this device is equipped with a system of pumps for removing carbon dioxide and other metabolic products. It also has the ability to apply anaesthetics and drugs.

The Heart Lunge Machine is primarily used during complex cardiac surgeries such as myocardial infarction, coronary angioplasty, and coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). Although these surgeries are very serious and carry very high risks, in most cases the patient's life is saved and the patient is returned to a reasonably stable condition.

The latest heart-lung machines are equipped with advanced software, an oxygenator, a centrifugal pump, four or five roller pumps, and a central monitor along with chemical sensors that allow for complete patient control during surgery.

We invite you to explore the Heart Lunge Machines parts available on our site, among them you can find pumps, oxygenators, temperature controllers, filters and much more.

Just about all our spare parts arrive from disassembled medical units from the world's best brands. Each spare part is properly taken apart by one of our skilled specialists, thoroughly inspected, preserved and runs via a really demanding confirmation procedure before it is included to our offer. All replacement parts are marked and tested to be entirely suitable with the product model and software edition of the fixed or serviced equipment. We ship our replacement components across the world. parts are shipped immediately in well secured packages by courier agencies.

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