Philips/Sectra MicroDose L30 Digital Mammo


SECTRA is a Swedish company founded in 1978, in the city of Linköping. Since its creation company focus on cybersecurity, at very beginning it was the main development path.  After more than 10 years after foundation, SECTRA started expanding into medical business , especially into its IT. On these days digital image systems for radiology were most vital projects of the company. In 2002 SECTRA made one of the most important step in its history – started a digital imaging modality. That’s how MicroDose Mammography systems were born.  That technology provided high quality images by means of very little doses of radiation, for those times, of course. Later, that technology has been sold to Philips corporation. SECTRA now is one of the biggest company in Sweden and major provider of medical software worldwide. It is actively operating in 14 countries and sells its products all over the world.

Philips Sectra MicroDose L30 Digital Mammo parts are now available in our stock!

MicroDose L30 Digital Mammo is a full field digital mammo. Production of this model started in 2008. It’s one of the most popular and verified proposal, when we talk about digital mammo. System is very safety for the patients. MicroDose L30 provides high quality images with usage of the low doses of radiation. Device is relatively small and it’s quite simple to operate. Images are stored locally and in the workstation. In addition they can be sent remotely by DICOM nodes – that’s big advantage!


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