SWEMAC Biplanar 500e G-ARM


Swemac is a company based in Linköping,  Sweden. It consists of plenty different companies  such as Swemac Innovation AB wemac Orthopaedics AB Swemac Osmedic Aps Swemac Orthopaedics AS Swemac Vision AB Swemac Simulation AB Swemac Education AB Hansson Innovation Ltd. Co 


Swemac Biplanar 500 G-ARM has the highest clinical demands in the  orthopaedic surgery. The G-stand comprising two independent  perpendicular imaging systems, provides simultaneous frontal and  lateral projections of the surgical site. It is perfect solution for almost 

all surgeons. In one equipment there are all systems which are  necessary for almost all orthopedic and traumatic surgery procedures.  It allows surgeons to work more precisely and it offers bigger comfort for patients.

Modality G-arm, C-arm


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