The versatile G Arms medical imaging system is equipped with an asymmetrical X-ray beam emitting design. As a result, it provides a full two-sided image of the body surface under examination. The "G" shaped solution provides much more accurate imaging than the traditional C Arms system. It allows reducing the time of the diagnostic procedure, as well as lowering the radiation dose while obtaining an extremely precise result. This category of Medparts24 assortment presents parts and accessories for G Arms radiology equipment. We offer only working and full-value parts, so that you can effectively and quickly repair or service the medical equipment used by your medical staff.

In this category you will find many parts and accessories for G Arms medical equipment designed for precision radiological imaging. G Arms' innovative technology is based on the use of two X-ray generators, two detectors, or other components such as image intensifiers or digital detectors. The arrangement of paired X-ray chains allows for the acquisition of images from two perpendicular planes. Due to the possibility of such accurate dual-plane imaging, there is no need to move the entire apparatus during the examination. Therefore, the innovative solution of the G Arms camera is used during surgeries and advanced surgical procedures. Obtaining an image from both the AP position and the LAT position does not require moving the X-ray tube arm. In addition, higher sterility during surgery is ensured, significantly reducing the risk of infection.

The design of the G Arms imaging system mainly takes into account the maintenance of a fixed camera position while obtaining a full precision image of two planes. The main components comprising the entire G Arms radiographic imaging machine are a pair of detectors positioned perpendicularly to obtain a view of the lateral and anterior planes. The system can include an integrated patient table, or it can be prepared to work with all types of operating tables. The system's control unit is a device with special software for displaying images and managing individual functions. The innovative G Arms imaging system allows for orbital rotation, or setting the height of the stand or the distance of the detectors both remotely and manually. As a result, medical personnel are able to precisely adjust the isocenter of the X-ray beams.

G Arms' wide range of parts for the G Arms radiological imaging system will make it possible to quickly and cost-effectively reconstruct or repair equipment used in a hospital or clinic. All parts and components of G Arms equipment have been professionally disassembled and checked for suitability. We offer only working parts for medical equipment of the highest quality. All parts available in this category for the G Arms system are compatible with the corresponding model of the apparatus. Choosing parts from our offer you have a guarantee of effective repair of the apparatus previously used in your medical institution without incurring the costs associated with expensive service or purchase of new equipment. All purchased parts for G Arms radiology equipment are preserved and prepared by our specialists for direct assembly. We secure the used medical equipment parts solidly in the shipment and send them by courier to any place in the world. If you have additional questions about the offered used and refurbished G Arms radiology equipment parts, please contact our team of experts.

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