Cath Angio Lab

Cath Angio Lab

Highly efficient and capable medical equipment for imaging the inside of blood vessels and organs is the basis for proper diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases. Radiological examination with the use of an angiograph makes it possible to value cerebral circulation, circulation in the vessels supplying blood to the head, in the lungs, in the coronary arteries, abdominal vessels and in the upper and lower extremities. In this category we present a very wide assortment of used and refurbished parts and accessories for angiographic equipment. The availability of a variety of parts obtained from used angiography equipment will allow you to repair and refurbish medical equipment in your clinic without the high cost of purchasing a new angiograph.

The full equipment of Catch Angio Labs consists of a wide range of medical equipment with which a complete diagnostic procedure can be carried out. Among the medical equipment used in invasive diagnostics are an X-ray machine, treatment table, monitors, catheterization station, lighting, computer, registration and observation stations. Each module presents different technological advancements and ranges of operation. The X-ray apparatus itself is tailored to the needs of the diagnostic procedure. The wear and tear of one of the parts of the apparatus included in the Cath Angio Labs system usually means the interruption of diagnostic processes and the need to repair or purchase new equipment.

Thanks to the advanced angiography systems used within cardiology, surgery, neurology and surgical radiology, a complete and comprehensive diagnosis of cardiovascular abnormalities is possible. This is because an angiograph, using X-rays, provides a complete visualization of the inside of the vessels, including the coronary arteries, the cavities of the heart and the vessels outside the heart. Provided high quality images of the interior of the circulatory system, tissues and organs. Visualization of the blood vessels is achieved by injecting a contrast agent into the system for the patient. Based on X-rays, observations are made of the extent of drug circulation in the vascular system. Based on this, the medical staff verifies abnormalities and blockages. The result of the examination also makes it possible to adjust the scope of the patient's treatment.

Catch Angio Labs' wide range of various used parts of the apparatus will enable you to select the right components necessary to improve the medical equipment in your medical facility. Renewing the used angiography apparatus in your clinic or hospital ward by installing the parts we offer will ensure the continuity of your medical staff's work and the smooth continuation of patient care.

All Catch Angio Labs apparatus parts offered for sale are in very good condition. They come from the dismantling of used medical equipment that was responsible for diagnostic processes carried out in a legitimate medical facility. Our experienced team of experts performs a very thorough verification of the quality of the offered used parts of the Catch Angio Labs system, and then prepares them carefully for installation in the next medical equipment. All parts are maintained and checked for efficiency and performance. Purchasing a sought-after Catch Angio Labs medical machine part will provide you with a cost-effective repair of the medical equipment used in your facility. Contact our team about the radiology imaging equipment part you are looking for, or select the medical equipment part you are looking for. We will provide you with all the information you need about the technical specifications of your used Catch Angio Labs equipment part. We ship our parts for angiography and other medical equipment by courier service anywhere in the world. Shipping of purchased Catch Angio Labs parts is carried out promptly based on all standards of safe direct shipment. We invite you to cooperate with us.

Just about all our spare parts arrive from dismantled medical machines from the world's largest brands. Every spare part is properly taken apart by our qualified specialists, thoroughly tested, conserved and goes through a really rigorous verification procedure before it is included to our portfolio. All replacement parts are tagged and verified to be fully compatible with the device type and application edition of the fixed or maintained device. We deliver our spare parts worldwide. Components are sent quickly in properly protected packages by courier companies.

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