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Digital imaging – spare parts for medical equipment

Medical equipment used for digital imaging such as X-ray Equipment, CT Scanners, and Cath Angio Lab is nowadays the backbone of diagnostics in medicine. Digital imaging equipment is used in all hospitals and clinics in most countries and is the foundation of the doctor’s work. The offered spare parts for digital imaging equipment are fully operational, tested, conserved, and protected. Ready for installation and use.

  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) equipment is used to diagnose diseases of the central nervous system, soft tissue scans, the heart, lungs, and many other examinations.
  • C-Arm and G-arm X-Ray Machines offer relative mobility and the ability to take high-resolution X-rays so that many injuries can be easily and accurately diagnosed.
  • Mammography Units are fundamental in the diagnosis of breast cancer.
  • The offered spare parts for Cath Angio Lab equipment will allow you to repair or maintain equipment for angiography of veins, arteries, and the entire blood system.
  • In this category, you will also find used but fully operational spare parts for Ultrasound Scanners and Transducers. All offered spare parts are sent to most countries in the world.
  • We also invite you to check our offer for spare parts for CT Scanners.

We have parts from medical equipment of well-known manufacturers. We dismantle only high-quality medical equipment obtaining operational and reliable spare parts for most of the world's used medical devices such as X-ray Equipment, CT Scanners, Ultrasound, Scanners and Transducers, Ultrasound Machines, C-Arm, Cath Angio Lab, Mammography Units, G-Arm, MRI.

The offered spare parts are used fully operational and trustworthy. They are disassembled from used medical equipment by our technicians, thoroughly tested, cleaned, checked, and only after passing a rigorous verification process parts are being offered in our online shop Medparts24.
In this category, we offer thousands of used, functional, and tested spare parts for medical equipment. The parts are complete and ready to be installed in the repaired medical equipment. They meet the manufacturer's specifications, are well cleaned and protected, and will last for a long period in your hospital's medical equipment. We provide full support in the selection and installation of spare parts for medical equipment purchased from us.

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