Mammography Units

Mammography Units

Mammographs are a popular diagnostic tool that is well known, widely available, and effective in diagnosing a wide range of health conditions. A mammography is an imaging diagnostic device, as the name suggests, used to perform a mammographic examination. It is very popular and is used, among other things, for the early detection of breast cancer through the use of X-rays. The first examination is recommended from the age of about 40, and then every two years if no worrying changes are detected. The basis of mammography is the beam of X-rays emitted by the mammography tube, which penetrates the tissue to be examined and is then absorbed by the film (traditional analog mammography) or the detector (digital mammography). The imaging is based on the fact that different tissues absorb the X-rays to different degrees, as a result of which fatty tissue in the breast is almost black on the image, while any lumps or microcalcifications absorb a lot of radiation are white. Mammography is currently the only and most effective device for the early detection of cancerous changes in the breast.

Currently, on the market, there is classical analog mammography, where the detector is a classical film sensitive to X-rays. A photograph taken in this way must be developed and only then can it be used for diagnosis by a medical specialist.

More modern mammographs use digital imaging in which the role of the film is played by the radiation detector. Thanks to this solution, the effect of the mammograph is visible immediately after the photograph is taken. In addition, the wider sensitivity range of the mammography detector and digital imaging techniques allow the intensity of the radiation produced by the mammography tube to be better matched during the scan. The mammography algorithms can also better visualize the scanned tissue by sharpening and appropriately scaling the colors in the image.

Just about all our spare parts arrive from disassembled medical equipment from the world's finest manufacturers. Every spare part is carefully disassembled by our qualified specialists, thoroughly examined, preserved, and goes via an exceptionally rigorous verification procedure before it is added to our store. All spare components are tagged and tested to be fully compatible with the unit model and application edition of the fixed or maintained device. We send our replacement components across the world. elements are usually shipped instantly in properly protected packages by courier companies.

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