Dialysis devices

Dialysis machines are medical equipment used to remove toxins and excess fluids from the blood of a patient who suffers from kidney disease or other conditions that require blood purification. Dialysis is an extremely important process for people who suffer from chronic kidney failure, as it maintains their lives and improves their quality of life. This category includes a wide range of parts for dialysis machines. Like any medical device, dialysis machines require regular maintenance and repair in order to operate reliably and efficiently. When parts fail, or the machine as a whole, replacement parts are essential for repairs. With the offered used and refurbished parts for dialysis machines, it is possible to quickly and cheaply repair medical equipment used in a clinic or ward in a hospital.

Used parts for a variety of dialysis equipment

The range of dialysis equipment includes various types of machines. One of the main dialysis machines used in clinics is hemodialysis equipment. This is the most common type of dialysis, which involves passing blood through a special membrane in the dialysis machine. This membrane acts like an artificial kidney, removing toxins and excess fluids from the patient's blood. Hemodialysis equipment consists of many components, including the dialysis machine, filters, tubing, needles, hoses and other accessories. The dialysis machine is the main component of the device, which is responsible for the blood filtration process. It consists of many specialized parts, such as pumps, filters, tanks and pressure control systems. Explore the offerings in this category to find used and refurbished hemodialysis parts.

Another type of dialysis equipment is peritoneal dialysis equipment. This procedure is more advanced and complicated than hemodialysis. These devices require the insertion of a special dialysis fluid into the patient's peritoneal cavity, which is absorbed through the peritoneal membrane and then filters the blood. This process requires constant monitoring and control, which requires a sophisticated dialysis machine. Peritoneal dialysis machines used in clinics and hospital wards are of a highly sophisticated design, requiring constant control over the quality and performance of the various parts of the dialysis machine. Choosing used, refurbished parts of dialysis equipment can be repaired quickly and cheaply to ensure the continuity of medical pprocedures carried out in the ward.

In addition to the aforementioned two main types of dialysis equipment, medical equipment for hemodiafiltration and hybrid dialysis are also used in clinics and hospital wards. Hemodiafiltration is a combination of hemodialysis and filtration. During hemodiafiltration, the patient's blood is passed through a filter that removes harmful substances from it. Then, it is passed through an artificial kidney, where residual harmful substances are removed from it. Hybrid dialysis, on the other hand, is a combination of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. During hybrid dialysis, the patient benefits from both dialysis methods.

Quick and inexpensive repair with refurbished parts for dialysis equipment

Dialysis machines are specialized medical tools that are used to remove harmful substances from the blood of people with kidney failure. It is one of the most important medical devices that help sustain the lives of patients with kidney disease. Like any medical device, dialysis machines require regular maintenance and service. If any part is damaged, prompt repair or replacement is necessary to ensure the continuity of the dialysis process. In this category, we present a wide selection of used and refurbished repair spare parts for instant and low-cost repair. One of the most commonly replaced parts of dialysis machines is tubing and wires. Hoses and tubing are often exposed to the aggressive chemicals that are used to purify a patient's blood, which can lead to wear or damage. Other spare parts that are often replaced in dialysis machines are sensors, motors, modules and electronic controls. If these components fail, the machine may stop working or operate inefficiently, which can lead to serious consequences for the patient's health. Replacement of defective dialysis machine parts, including controls, is possible and cost-effective if refurbished and tested dialysis machine parts are used. All dialysis equipment parts available in this category are compatible with the dedicated equipment. We carry out very strict tests on their functionality and suitability for continued intensive operation, as confirmed by our team of experts. In addition, each spare part in this category is carefully labeled and described according to its purpose. As a result, you can easily identify a defective component and replace it with a working part for dialysis equipment from our offer. All medical parts and accessories for medical equipment offered by us are delivered via courier companies and are carefully protected against damage. As a result, our customers from all over the world can quickly and smoothly renew dialysis equipment in any clinic or hospital ward.

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