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Electrosurgical devices

Electrosurgical devices are medical instruments used to perform surgical procedures using high-frequency electricity. These units are used to cut and coagulate tissue, as well as remove skin lesions. They work by generating high temperatures that allow clean and precise cutting without bleeding. They are safe for the patient because the electrical energy is exclusively encapsulated in the tool and does not penetrate the body. The current is delivered and received by wires and electrodes, which can be activated by a switch in the handle or a foot switch. Electrosurgical devices can be equipped with a variety of handpieces that allow precise surgical procedures, both open and laparoscopic. Electrosurgical medical equipment used in general, gynecological, dermatological and plastic surgery. They are highly effective and provide patients with faster healing and less risk of postoperative complications. In this category we present efficient and serviced parts for electrosurgical equipment. The medical equipment parts offered are verified for suitability and quality. Buying used and refurbished parts for electrosurgical equipment will allow you to repair the equipment used in your clinic or hospital ward quickly, cheaply and without problems.

Refurbished parts for electrosurgical equipment - tissue cutting and coagulation

Electrosurgical devices that use high-frequency current are used during surgery to make precise surgical incisions with minimal blood loss. Two types of cutting are used in electrosurgery: mixed cutting and clean cutting. The clean cut is usually used for dissection only. The clean cut is narrow, deep, and the surgeon has little or no control over bleeding, so this mode is usually used for dissection. In mixed incision, the incision is much wider, and is made using high voltage and low frequency while inducing a coagulation (hemostasis) effect at the surgical site. High-frequency electric current delivered through a special electrode tip causes vaporization, desiccation or charring of tissue through resistive heating. Thanks to its hemostatic effect, electrosurgery has gained particular use in procedures on organs that have oozing capillaries, for example, the liver, spleen, thyroid, lungs, as well as in open-heart procedures in which large amounts of anticoagulants are used. High-frequency electrosurgical devices that cause tissue coagulation are also used during invasive ophthalmic, dental and dermatological procedures.

Used parts for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgical devices

Electrosurgical devices used for cutting, coagulation, preparation, filling, ablation and tissue shrinking function in two modes-monopolar and bipolar. In monopolar mode, the electric current is delivered through an active cable and electrode placed directly in the surgical field. The return electrode is placed elsewhere in the patient's body. In bipolar mode, the function of the active and return electrode is performed by the tips of special forceps, which are attached to the operated tissue. In this mode, coagulation is possible in a smooth field, which is important for the success of surgery in many difficult areas. Because electrosurgical devices use high-frequency current, the rules of use must be strictly observed. The performance and efficiency of electrosurgical devices is of great importance to the safety of the patient and medical personnel. Therefore, regular efficiency tests and regular maintenance of medical equipment are recommended. Refurbished parts for electrosurgical equipment offered by Medparts24 will help ensure the continuity of work for the operating team, as well as solve the problem of repairing medical equipment in your clinic. If you are interested in used and refurbished parts for electrosurgical equipment, please contact our team.

Refurbished parts for electrosurgical devices

Medparts24 offers refurbished and working parts for electrosurgical devices of various applications, monopolar and bipolar. Depending on the availability of the offer, this category includes electrosurgical units, electrodes, forceps, probes, generators, handles, electrosurgical pencils, manual or foot switch parts, electrosurgical device display parts, electrosurgical device cables, handles and other electrosurgical device parts. If you are interested in a specific part for an electrosurgical device used in your clinic or surgical department, please contact us. Medparts24 offers serviced and refurbished medical equipment parts sourced from devices used in legitimate medical facilities. All electrosurgical equipment parts are professionally disassembled, cleaned and maintained by a team of specialists. Each medical equipment part is carefully verified for suitability and then secured for shipment. All electrosurgical equipment parts are shipped by courier to recipients worldwide. If you have additional questions, please contact the Medparts24 team.

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