We offer a wide range of mobile C-arm X-ray machines for many brands. C-Arm machines are an evolution of traditional X-ray machines with a mobile detector arm allowing easier access on the one hand, and on the other hand allowing for 3D data imaging, in particular for immobile patients. C-Arm machines are characterized by a very high quality of the generated scans. They are digital imaging devices that offer detailed information immediately after the scan. The range of functionalities of C-Arm X-ray machines is much wider than traditional devices. The movable frame allows the examination in the plane determined by the doctor or technician. Very often, such processing reveals much more detail than traditional X-ray images. A great advantage of C-Arm X-ray machines is also their mobility within the boundaries of the department/building. As a result, it is no longer necessary to transport the patient to the X-ray laboratory which avoids additional trauma or risk to the patient's life.

C-arm X-ray machines are modern solutions that are safe for the patient. The lamps used currently minimize tissue exposure to radiation, reducing both the dose and duration of radiation exposure. Advanced digital algorithms can achieve very high scan resolutions and accuracy higher than traditional X-ray machines. C-Arm X-ray machines optimize the quality of the scans in relation to the amount of radiation to which the patient is exposed and the movable arm allows the X-ray to be taken at an angle that gives the best chance of good imaging of the observed tissue.

All our replacement parts come from disassembled medical machines from the world's largest producers. Each spare part is carefully taken apart by one of our experienced specialists, thoroughly tested, conserved, and goes via an exceptionally strict verification process before it is included in our portfolio. All spare components are marked and verified to be fully suitable with the device model and application edition of the repaired or serviced device. We send our replacement components worldwide. Components are shipped fast in well-protected packages by courier agencies.

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