Ophthalmology uses many modern and technologically advanced devices to perform invasive and non-invasive examinations of the organ of vision. Ophthalmic surgical systems, retinal examination devices, ultrasounds, phacoemulsifiers, optical tomographs, keratometers or surgical microscopes are available on the market.

Thanks to the use of appropriate ophthalmologic tools doctors can perform full diagnostics of the organ of vision and surgical treatment of eye diseases. In our store, you have the opportunity to purchase parts for equipment commonly used in ophthalmic clinics and surgeries. These are components proven in terms of functionality, suitability and quality. We sell parts for ophthalmic equipment only from recognized manufacturers. You can be sure that when you buy components for devices used in ophthalmic diagnostics from us, you get a very well preserved and prepared product that will improve your ophthalmic device.

Ophthalmology is a field that is developing extremely rapidly in terms of diagnostics and surgical treatment. There is an increasing demand for efficient eye examination equipment. Patients more and more often come forward with vision disorders, so it requires quick and accurate intervention of an ophthalmologist with the use of well-functioning ophthalmic tools.

Medparts24 offers high-quality parts for many devices used in ophthalmology such as refractors, tonometers, corneal topographers, ultrasound machines, ophthalmoscopes, fundus cameras and tools used in microsurgery of the eye: devices for eye refraction, glaucoma surgery, cataract surgery, vitrectomy. 

All components of ophthalmic devices are in working order and prepared for installation by our service. Components of ophthalmic devices offered in our store Medparts21 will contribute to quick repair and renewal of your ophthalmic device.

All our spare parts arrive from dismantled medical machines from the world's finest producers. Each spare part is properly disassembled by one of our qualified specialists, thoroughly inspected, preserved and runs via a really rigid confirmation process before it is included to our portfolio. All spare pieces are labeled and verified to be completely suitable with the product type and software version of the repaired or maintained equipment. We deliver our replacement parts world-wide. Parts are usually sent immediately in well protected packages by courier companies.

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