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In this category, you will find high-quality parts for the most popular and recognized anesthesia machines. Multifunctional anesthesia machines are essential equipment used in hospitals and clinics during all advanced invasive procedures. Due to the variety and multitasking applications of these devices, in addition to the basic function of patient anesthesia application, these devices are often equipped with additional options that significantly increase functionality in non-standard settings. Continuous improvement of the quality and efficiency of these devices is primarily related to the care of patient safety and meeting the usable expectations of the medical staff. Modern anaesthesia machines are equipped with patient ventilation systems, software monitoring vital functions, functions supervising anaesthesia parameters and other configurations facilitating the performance of anaesthetic procedures in clinical, MRI or ambulatory conditions. Therefore, in our offer, you will find parts for modern anaesthesia machines which meet the diverse needs of each medical institution.

Each anesthesia machine should be equipped with basic functions to facilitate the anesthesia process and patient supervision. The configuration and range of desired functions are strictly determined and related to the requirements of a particular anaesthesia station. Among the elements necessary for the efficient functioning of the whole anaesthesia apparatus there are sound and picture alarm systems, systems for measuring the oxygen ventilation range of the patient, pulse oximeter, thermometer, capnometer and pressure measuring device. The anesthesia machine is additionally equipped with a muscle relaxation monitor, a cardiac monitor and an anesthetic gas monitor.

It is also worth noting that anesthesia machines should be properly adjusted to the patient, hence the differentiation of these anesthesia machines into those that are dedicated only for infants, children or only for adults.

High-end anesthesia machines successfully meet the criterion of multifunctionality. Their basic functions are not only focused on the anesthesia process itself. The anesthesia devices also have programs that facilitate the optimal selection of gas flow, control and analyze the patient's ventilation progress. Modern anesthesia machines now actively support the clinical decision-making process.

All our spare parts arrive from dismantled medical equipment from the world's major manufacturers. All spare part is carefully disassembled by our qualified specialists, thoroughly examined, preserved and run through an extremely strict verification process before it is included in our store. All spare components are tagged and tested to be fully compatible with the product type and software variant of the fixed or maintained device. We ship our spare parts across the world. Components are usually delivered instantly in well-protected packages by courier companies.

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