Ultrasound Scanners and Transducers

Ultrasound scanning is one of the most popular tests of modern diagnostics. It is completely painless, non-invasive and at the same time allows for the assessment of many diseases and changes in the organism.

The heads of ultrasound scanners have various structures and specializations. There are both general-purpose heads and specialized heads optimized for the ultrasound examination of different parts of the body. Ultrasound scans are usually performed through the abdominal cavity using transducers of different sizes or through the vagina, for which transducers of a different shape and specialization are used.

Types of ultrasound transducers:

  • vaginal ultrasound transducer
  • convex USG transducer head
  • linear USG transducer head
  • USG matrix transducer heads
  • mechanical USG transducer head
  • thyroid ultrasound transducer
  • phasic ultrasound transducer
  • cardiac ultrasound transducer
  • rectal ultrasound transducer
  • sectoral ultrasound transducer

Just about all our spare parts arrive from dismantled medical machines from the world's top manufacturers. Each spare part is carefully disassembled by one of our skilled specialists, thoroughly examined, preserved, and runs via a very strict confirmation procedure before it is added to our offer. All spare pieces are labeled and validated to be entirely compatible with the unit type and software edition of the repaired or maintained equipment. We send our spare parts worldwide. elements are usually shipped instantly in well-protected packages by courier companies.

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