Patient Monitors

Patient monitors

Patient monitors are equipment that is directly related to monitoring a patient's vital functions. These devices provide medical information to medical personnel in a precise manner. They allow full monitoring of saturation and pulse rate, hence the need for monitors at all levels of intensive care. Patient monitors provide analysis and interpretation of measured data. They are characterized by a simple, intuitive interface, compactness and clarity of presentation of the collected information. Because patient monitors must be used in situations of varying intensity, they must meet the requirements of different hospital departments. To improve work especially in intensive care settings, modern patient monitors have touch screens, aluminium housings, or built-in batteries with long operating times. Some of them support monitoring in inter-hospital or emergency transport. We offer patient monitors and complementary components for patient monitors that can be integrated with other medical equipment and systems.

All our spare parts arrive from disassembled medical devices from the world's very best manufacturers. Every spare part is carefully taken apart by our competent specialists, thoroughly inspected, preserved and runs via a really strict confirmation process before it is added to our store. All spare components are marked and validated to be completely compatible with the device type and application version of the fixed or maintained equipment. We ship our replacement components worldwide. Elements are delivered fast in well-protected packages by courier operators.

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