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CT Scanners – spare parts for medical equipment

CT Scanners stands for computed tomography scanner. CT scanners are diagnostic devices very often used in modern medicine.  They allow for the non-invasive and fast creation of very detailed images of the human body interior. They use a rapidly rotating X-ray unit that takes a series of measurements at different angles within a single plane. Through digital processing, this data is used to represent the details of the cross-section. The additional use of contrast makes it possible to visualize tissue fragments that do not normally appear on X-ray scans. CT Scan technique was created in 1970 and since then it has been intensively developed. It belongs to the Digital imaging group and has repeatedly proven its effectiveness and versatility in medical diagnostics.

Just about all our spare parts arrive from dismantled medical devices from the world's best manufacturers. Every spare part is properly disassembled by our competent specialists, thoroughly tested, preserved, and goes through a really demanding verification process before it is added to our store. All replacement components are tagged and verified to be completely compatible with the device model and application version of the fixed or maintained device. We ship our replacement parts worldwide. Elements are shipped fast in properly protected packages by courier companies.

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