Heart Lung Machines

Heart Lung machine is a device that is used to temporarily take over cardiopulmonary function during cardiac surgery and major procedures requiring cardiac arrest. This medical equipment is sometimes also referred to as a cardiopulmonary bypass machine (CBM) or heart-lung machine. In this category we present functional used parts for many models of heart lung machine from recognized manufacturers. Using the offer of Medparts24 you have the opportunity to quickly and financially viable repair of medical equipment used in your hospital or clinic.

How does the heart lung machine work?

Heart lung machine takes over the function of the body's heart and lungs during cardiac surgery. The device delivers oxygen-rich blood to the brain and other vital organs during open-heart surgery, allowing the cardiac surgery team to operate on a heart that is immobilized and free of blood during the procedure. It also makes it possible to increase the safety of procedures performed on a patient with heart failure. The primary role, therefore, of the heart lunge machine is to take over both heart and lung functions. The machine captures blood in the right atrium, vena cava or femoral vein, just before it reaches the heart. Then, using a pump, the device directs the venous blood to a special reservoir where it is oxygenated. The pump then redirects the oxygen-rich blood to the aorta and other organs, incorporating it into the arterial circulation. The Heart Lung machine is also responsible for removing carbon dioxide and other metabolic products from the blood. Modern models of the device also manage the process of delivering anesthetics and needed drugs to the recirculating blood. In addition, if necessary, the machine cools the blood passing through the pump. Cooler blood lowers the total body temperature, an important factor in protecting the brain and other organs during surgery. Maintaining hypothermia at 28 ° C to 32 ° C (82.4-89.6 ° F) during surgery also slows the metabolic rate, which reduces the body's need for oxygen. The Heart lung machine has the ability to induce total body hypothermia and maintain the patient's vital functions for up to 45 minutes without perfusion.

History of heart lunge machine - functions and parts for CBM

The first attempts to introduce a prototype heart lung machine took place in the 1930s. American surgeon John Gibbon and his team began attempts to create a heart-lung machine by conducting a series of experiments with animals. The first prototype of the device, which replaced the work of the heart and lungs for about 20 minutes, was used in a cat. Finally, after many years of advanced research, in 1953 Gibbon's team succeeded in performing successful open-heart surgery on a patient using the lung-heart. However, the machine did not completely free the heart from blood, which made the work of cardiac surgeons much more difficult. Further research into the functions and structure of the heart lung machine has focused on allowing the heart to stop and replace its work and the function of the lungs. Today, the heart lung machine is an advanced medical device that allows not only the pump to take over the functions of the heart and lungs, but also to control and monitor the patient's vital functions during even the most complex and lengthy cardiac surgery. The machine is used to keep patients alive during heart transplants, during procedures for patients with lung dysfunction or heart disease, and is also used in procedures to support premature babies.

Structure and parts of heart lung machine

The heart lung machine is responsible for the patient's extracorporeal circulation, so it must rely on mechanical components to replace the work of the heart and lungs.  The most important components of a heart lung machine include pumps, oxygenators and temperature controllers. Since the heart lung machine also provides intracardiac suction, advanced filtration and temperature control, it must also have appropriate parts such as tubing, filters, cannulas or sensors that increase control over the procedure. In this category we present used parts for heart lung machine. All CBM components on offer come from dismantling used medical equipment and are carefully verified for serviceability. The heart lung machine parts are properly disassembled by Medparts24 specialist and then subjected to service procedures. By opting for a used heart lung machine part, you have the opportunity to repair the medical equipment in your clinic quickly and cheaply. Medparts24 specialists carefully select the acquired medical equipment parts and prepare them for installation in your next device. Used parts for heart lunge machine are properly packed in the shipment and sent by courier service to customers all over the world. If you have additional questions about our offer of used and refurbished medical equipment parts, including heart lunge machine parts, please contact us.

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