X-ray Equipment

X-ray Equipment – spare parts for medical equipment

X-ray Equipment - used spare parts for medical devices. X-ray machines are some of the earliest diagnostic devices that use imaging and allow non-invasive examination of the inside of the body. Today's used X-ray equipment is already fully digital and uses modern techniques for both the X-ray itself and digital imaging. X-ray Equipment is now fully safe, using reduced doses of X-ray radiation. The offered spare parts for X-ray Equipment are used in various types of equipment, both stationary and mobile. We offer spare parts for both C-Arm and G-Arm equipment which offers better and more mobile use of X-ray technology in digital imaging of the body interior. C-Arm diagnostic equipment is also used during surgical procedures allowing the doctor to operate in an invisible area.

All our replacement components arrive from disassembled medical equipment from the world's major manufacturers. Every spare part is carefully disassembled by our qualified specialists, thoroughly examined, conserved, and goes via an exceptionally rigorous confirmation process before it is included in our offer. All spare pieces are tagged and validated to be completely suitable with the product type and software version of the repaired or maintained device. We ship our replacement parts worldwide. elements are delivered immediately in well-secured packages by courier operators.

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