Respirators are medical devices designed for mechanical ventilation of the lungs. They support the respiratory process in patients in respiratory failure. Respirators are widely used in anesthesiology and intensive care. They are an important part of the equipment of clinical wards and ambulances. Some models of ventilators are adapted for home use. Based on the way and place of use of the device, we distinguish:

  • stationary ventilators, they have an elaborate system for respiratory therapy, at the same time providing constant monitoring of the patient's vital functions. On the market there are devices operating in different modes of ventilation, protecting the work of the lungs and brain, adapted for infants or using a turbine drive.
  • transport ventilators are devices designed primarily for emergency services. Thanks to their small size and simple intuitive operation, they are applicable in all cases where rapid resuscitation is required, such as outside the hospital ward or during transport.
  • Home (Mechanical) Ventilation = HMV. Respirators designed for home use are characterized by a simple, intuitive control panel and compact design. They are dedicated to patients staying at home and requiring oxygen therapy, usually the ventilator is connected to a tracheotomy tube, or to a special mask.

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