MRI - Magnetic resonance imaging equipment

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment is a significant investment for medical and research institutions, but its capabilities and effectiveness exceed other diagnostic methods in many areas. Although MRI is already a well-recognised medical device, it is still a complex and highly sophisticated one. There are several types of MRIs on the market, differing in the technology used, sensitivity, number of wave transmitters, and equipment. In our store, you will find spare parts for many popular models of MRIs of most of the world's leading brands.

Unlike many other imaging methods, MRI does not use X-rays to scan tissue. MRI uses magnetic field emitters and detectors that detect small differences in the intensity of the magnetic field passing through tissues. This makes MRI an exceptionally safe method of imaging the body's interior, fully non-invasive and giving very detailed tissue scans. The imaging technology used also allows for 3D imaging. The field emitted by the resonance and received by the detectors is digitally processed by the central unit and a full spatial scan of the area is generated. The detail and accuracy of the scan are much higher than that of an X-ray or CT scan. It allows early detection of many changes and, what is very important, spatial localisation in body tissues.

Thanks to the use of a magnetic field and not X-rays, magnetic resonance allows frequent repetition of the examination without the risk of exposing the patient to excessive doses of radiation. Magnetic resonance equipment has different capabilities. More modern units use stronger magnetic fields (1.5T, 3T) which allows to increases the sensitivity but also shortens the examination time by several times. This makes it possible to perform MRI on a larger number of patients during the lifetime of the device.

Magnetic resonance imaging is an advanced and complex device, which also has many moving parts and therefore requires more frequent maintenance and higher operating costs. Thanks to the offered spare parts, it will be possible to keep the device in an efficient and effective condition even after many years of operation. All our replacement parts arrive from disassembled medical machines from the world's major suppliers. Every spare part is carefully disassembled by one of our experienced specialists, thoroughly tested, conserved, and goes through an extremely demanding verification procedure before it is included in our store. All spare parts are tagged and validated to be completely suitable with the unit type and application edition of the fixed or maintained equipment. We deliver our spare parts worldwide. parts are usually shipped immediately in properly secured packages by courier companies.

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