In the "Rehabilitation" category, we offer a wide selection of used and refurbished parts and components for a variety of medical equipment used in rehabilitation and patient wellness and physical recovery. Medical equipment in the field of rehabilitation plays a key role in the treatment and recovery of patients, enabling effective rehabilitation and restoration of physical fitness after injury, disease or surgery. This complex and multifaceted field requires the use of precision equipment and technology, such as negative pressure therapy systems (e.g., V.A.C. devices) and electrotherapy equipment. To ensure uninterrupted, reliable operation and compliance with medical standards, high-quality medical equipment parts and components that have undergone rigorous inspection and maintenance processes are available. Our range also includes parts for laboratory equipment, including coulometric analyzers such as coulometer, used in laboratory research. This comprehensive approach allows us to support the full cycle of rehabilitation, from early diagnosis and evaluation, through intensive therapeutic interventions, to long-term care and monitoring of the patient's condition.

Used parts for KCI V.A.C.

V.A.C. is a wound care system that uses negative pressure therapy (V.A.C.) technology, also known as vacuum therapy. The technique presents an integrated and comprehensive approach to wound management, combining innovative technology with practical applications in a variety of clinical settings. It is a technique that continues to shape the wound care landscape, providing the tools and strategies necessary to achieve optimal outcomes for patients. The V.A.C. device is a portable device that generates a specially controlled negative pressure. It is capable of adjusting the level of vacuum to the individual patient's needs, allowing precise control of the healing process. A special dressing, often made of foam, is placed directly on the wound. It is then sealed, usually with a transparent dressing, to create an environment in which the vacuum level can be controlled. Tubes and connections are added to this system to connect the dressing to the V.A.C. device, allowing vacuum to be created at the wound site. The secretion reservoir is an integral component that collects all secretions from the wound, ensuring constant elimination of fluids and potential pathogens. Applications of V.A.C. therapy are varied and include hospitals, where it is used in operating rooms, intensive care units and other specialized wards. Home care is also possible with portable systems, allowing therapy to continue under the supervision of medical personnel in the patient's home. The therapy is applicable to hard-to-heal wounds such as ulcers, burns, surgical wounds and traumatic wounds. The benefits of V.A.C. therapy are significant and include promoting healing by removing secretions and dead tissue and improving circulation, as well as reducing the risk of infection by removing bacteria and other pathogens. Among our offered parts are used and refurbished components of the KCI v.a.c. wound care system. Tubes, pumps, modules, motherboards, covers, batteries and other components that are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of this advanced therapeutic system are available. These parts have been thoroughly verified for quality and functionality by our specialists to ensure their reliability and complete safety in use.

Used parts for medical devices - coulometer

A coulometer is a highly specialized laboratory instrument used for coulometric analysis, which involves measuring the amount of a substance by its complete oxidation or reduction. It is a highly precise and efficient method, mainly used to determine the water content of a variety of samples. In particular, the Coulometer from one of the most recognized manufacturers, Methrom, uses the well-known Karl-Fischer method. This means that it measures the amount of electricity (in coulombs) required to oxidize or reduce a substance, making it possible to calculate the water content of a sample accurately. The Coulometer Methrom is often used to determine low water levels in samples and can also be used for other advanced coulometric analyses. Some models are equipped with a variety of automation options, making it much easier to process multiple samples at the same time, and increasing the efficiency and accuracy of measurements. The equipment is usually compliant with international standards and analysis guidelines, which is crucial in research and industry. In addition, the Coulometer offers a variety of configuration and customization options, such as various electrodes and accessories that can be fine-tuned to meet specific analysis requirements. These versatile features are widely used in scientific research, industry and laboratory analysis, especially for determining low water levels in samples. We also offer used and refurbished parts for the Coulometer, allowing you to maintain the high quality and precision of your laboratory analysis, even when the instrument is heavily loaded. This, combined with the reliability and consistency of results, makes the Coulometer an indispensable tool in the modern laboratory. Used and refurbished parts for medical equipment, including the Coulometer, are key to the quick and economical repair of medical equipment used in hospitals and clinics. The use of used, functional and refurbished medical equipment parts allows the equipment to maintain reliability and precision without significant investment costs. By installing used Coulometer parts, medical facilities are able to significantly extend the life of all equipment and ensure continuity of care for patients, while minimizing downtime and reducing the expenses associated with the need to purchase new medical equipment.

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At we offer a very wide range of parts for medical equipment of the highest quality. Every available part, whether for KCI v.a.c. wound care systems or laboratory instruments such as the Coulometer, is subjected to rigorous testing and verification to ensure its efficiency and reliability. Our company specializes in refurbishing medical parts, so we can guarantee the high quality of the products we offer. Our Medparts24 specialists take care of every detail, thoroughly cleaning, maintaining and preparing medical equipment parts before they are shipped. We also ensure delivery of our parts to virtually all countries around the world. We work with reliable and proven courier companies to ensure safe and timely delivery of ordered parts. If you are looking for used and refurbished parts for medical devices, including equipment used in rehabilitation and laboratory analysis, we encourage you to take advantage of Medparts24's offer. Our trusted and high-quality parts will keep your medical devices running at optimal performance and functionality. Contact us and our experts will be happy to help you select the right parts for your needs. If you are interested in this offer in the category of used parts for rehabilitation and patient recovery or any used and refurbished parts for medical equipment, feel free to contact our specialists at

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