Advanced microscopy technology is widely used for in-depth and precise work in clinical, laboratory and teaching settings. Its extremely rapid development has greatly expanded research prospects and contributed to tremendous progress in the biomedical and industrial sectors.
Optical microscopes are used to view objects by generating a properly aligned beam of light passing through a system of lenses. Due to their modular design, these devices have many components that can be expanded depending on the model and research needs.  
Modern microscope technology allows for conducting research on non-transparent material, using different types of contrast - it can be phase-contrast microscopy, polarization, or with dark background.
The newest, still dynamically developing field of microscopic observation uses such factors as: laser beam (confocal microscope), electron beam (electron microscope) or fluorescence phenomenon.

In our offer you will find components of many biomedical microscope devices, whose research applications have become commonplace in such fields as microbiology, microsurgery, histology, cytology, neurosurgery or dentistry.

Just about all our replacement parts come from disassembled medical equipment from the world's top brands. Every spare part is properly disassembled by our qualified specialists, thoroughly examined, conserved and runs through an exceptionally demanding verification process before it is included to our portfolio. All spare parts are labeled and verified to be entirely compatible with the unit type and software edition of the fixed or serviced equipment. We ship our replacement components globally. Components are usually delivered quickly in properly secured packages by courier companies.

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