Bone Densitometry

A bone density test is a test used to measure mineral content and bone density, In medical procedures, traditional X-rays, dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA or DXA) or computed tomography devices are used for this. Currently, the DEXA scanner is considered the most optimal procedure for bone density testing. Bone density testing provides a very precise image to diagnose the reduction of bone mass and the susceptibility of bones to fracture. In this category you can buy used and refurbished parts for bone densitometers. The used parts for all medical equipment offered by Medparts24 are full-quality, maintained and prepared for installation in the next bone densitometry.

Bone densitometers - important performance and reliability of medical equipment

Used parts for Bone densitometers are an excellent way to renew or repair equipment used in your medical facility without incurring high costs. Efficient and reliable medical equipment is very important for optimizing the work of the medical team. In particular, maintaining the efficiency of bone density measuring equipment will ensure a high standard of diagnostic procedures in your medical facility. Bone densitometers are a basic test that verifies osteopenia and osteoporosis, and determines future fracture risk. The DEXA scan in particular is considered the most innovative procedure, which measures bone mass very precisely in a non-invasive and painless test. The scanner, based on X-ray absorptiometry, uses a very low dose of ionizing radiation, so it is a safe procedure for the patient. Testing with the precise and efficient bone densitometry provides greater reliability of results, while guaranteeing clinic efficiency and productivity.

Bone densitometry is an advanced device that provides a very precise result. The clear and transparent image allows a very accurate assessment of the state of bone mass, which gives high clinical confidence in the diagnosis.  Precise measurement of bone not only makes it possible to detect significant deviations indicating osteopenia and osteoporosis, but also guarantees tracking of even small changes. This allows medical personnel to effectively develop and manage a treatment plan.

Bone densitometer parts

Bone densitometers are based on X-rays. Thus, a key part in the design of such a medical device is the detector that sends the radiation beam. The detector is usually placed on a long and mobile arm, which medical personnel freely position over the diagnostic area. In addition, the bone densitometer is equipped with a table for the patient. An X-ray generator is mounted in the table. During the examination, the arm with the detector moves over the patient and records the measurement. The results are directly displayed on an integrated monitor. The computer has special software that analyzes and classifies the test results based on an accepted standard. The examination with bone densitometry is carried out over the femoral area, mainly with assessment of the femoral neck and over the lumbar part of the spine. In some cases, a Total body test is performed, which provides knowledge of bone mass throughout the patient's body. Each bone densitometer is therefore a technologically complex device. In order for it to perform clinical procedures smoothly, it must operate efficiently and reliably. Taking advantage of our selection of used bone densitometer parts will allow your facility to quickly repair medical equipment. By choosing used bone densitometer parts, you are guaranteed to maintain the quality of service in your radiology facility and ensure high throughput and manufacturability of medical procedures. All products offered in the category of used bone densitometers parts are professionally disassembled from equipment from legitimate sources. They are medical equipment of the highest quality, recognized and appreciated by medical personnel. In this category you will find used parts, for example, for the highly efficient and precise Ge Lunar bone densitometer. Medparts24's team of experts takes great care to verify all medical equipment parts for efficiency and suitability for continued efficient operation. Used and preserved parts used in bone densitometers are shipped by the team from Medparts24 to customers all over the world. The parts are very carefully protected in shipment and sent by courier service. If you are interested in a specific offer of used parts for medical equipment, including bone densitometers, or if you have any questions about used parts, please contact our Medparts24 support department.

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