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OR equipment

Operating rooms are specialized workspaces that require modern and reliable equipment. Apparatus used during surgery must be operational and available in case of emergency to save patient's life. In Medparts24 store you have the opportunity to buy efficient and properly prepared for assembly parts for devices required in the operating room.

Among our assortment you will find parts of operating room equipment of excellent quality. Among them you will find components for such surgical instruments and devices as: anesthesia machines, operating tables, C-arm tables, defibrillators, operating room lamps, patient monitors, electrosurgical generators, respirators, microscopes, infusion pumps and many others.

Every doctor strives to improve his or her health as much as possible, which is why it is so important to use efficient medical equipment. By taking advantage of our offer, you can ensure that your operating room equipment can function anew without spending beyond your budget.
Parts for operating room equipment of our store Medparts24 will provide you with efficient and fast renovation of the equipment. We have components of the highest quality equipment used during operations. Among our offer you will find equipment components for all types of operating rooms: hybrid, integrated and digital. With the use of parts purchased in our store Medparts24 you will quickly and cheaply improve your damaged equipment - just replace the defective component with a functional and perfectly preserved part from our offer. We invite you to visit our offer of parts for operating room equipment: defibrillators, electrosurgical devices, surgical lamps, operating tables, monitors, respirators, endoscopes and all other equipment used by medical staff during surgery.

All our replacement parts arrive from dismantled medical units from the world's best producers. All spare part is properly disassembled by one of our qualified specialists, thoroughly examined, conserved and runs via a very strict verification procedure before it is added to our offer. All replacement pieces are labeled and verified to be completely suitable with the product model and software edition of the fixed or maintained equipment. We send our spare parts worldwide. Components are usually shipped instantly in well secured packages by courier operators.

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