In our offer, you will find properly maintained and prepared for installation parts for defibrillators. These devices are standard pieces of equipment for operating rooms and emergency services. Defibrillators are apparatuses that are used to rescue the patient with cardiac arrest. The defibrillator sends a strong electrical impulse which forces the heart muscle to resume the action.

In our offer you will find excellent quality parts for defibrillators, all components are properly preserved and ready for immediate assembly. Parts for defibrillators offered in our shop Medparts24 will guarantee you a fast and cheap repair of medical equipment. We offer parts for well-known and popular devices on the market. Our long-term experience in the medical equipment market contributes to the fact that we can offer you only high-quality components. By buying parts for defibrillators in our shop Medparts24, you have the opportunity to upgrade your medical device in an effective and very affordable way.

In our offer, you can find parts for all types of defibrillators. These devices can be differentiated according to the method and range of use.
Types of defibrillators

There are three types of defibrillators

  • automatic external defibrillators (AED): they are easy to use, can be made available to people without medical education, have an automatic system that adjusts the level of work to the patient's condition. They, therefore, protect against electric shock. Due to their easy handling, they guarantee patient safety and accessibility in public places.  AEDs are used in public places, shopping centers, sports centers, offices, schools, zoos.
  • hand-held defibrillators, characterized by their light, compact design. They are used by paramedics, in medical transport, ambulances, and intensive care units.
  • Implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) are defibrillators that are surgically placed inside the patient's body. ICDs are implanted in people who are at high risk of cardiac arrest, have had a heart attack, are awaiting a transplant, or have other very severe heart diseases.

Defibrillators used spare parts

All our replacement parts come from dismantled medical units from the world's finest manufacturers. Every spare part is properly disassembled by our skilled specialists, thoroughly tested, preserved, and goes via an exceptionally rigorous confirmation procedure before it is included in our portfolio. All spare components are tagged and tested to be fully compatible with the device type and application version of the fixed or serviced equipment. We send our replacement parts worldwide. elements are usually delivered immediately in well-protected packages by courier agencies.

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