Proper implementation of the guidelines for anesthesia and ventilation of patients during procedures requiring general anesthesia is an extremely difficult task. It requires not only adequate competence on the part of personnel specializing in anesthesiology, but also efficient and reliable equipment. In this category you will find a wide range of specialized applied gas detection modules and other modules used to control, measure and monitor the patient during procedures requiring anesthesia. These are refurbished used parts of medical equipment, they can successfully be used to repair and reconstruct defective ventilation equipment.

Any invasive procedure that requires surgical interference and violation of tissue continuity requires procedures that will ensure adequate patient comfort as much as possible. The activities of the anesthesia team are therefore intended to reduce the level of pain and stress experienced. The use of the appropriate dose of anesthetic gases or other anesthetic agents must absolutely follow the accepted guidelines and take into account the patient's condition. Therefore, the procedures of the anesthesia team also require the use of measuring and monitoring devices.   Modules as components of the anesthesia procedure system perform various functions from the area of gas detection, measurement of key patient vital signs, or monitoring and diagnosing the body's response to anesthesia procedures. Modules are therefore a very important part of medical equipment used in the field of anesthesiology and intensive care.

The reliability and efficiency of anesthesia equipment is therefore crucial to patient safety, as well as to the success of the surgical procedures themselves. The availability of used operable modules will allow the renewal and repair of medical equipment used for anesthesia without incurring the huge costs associated with the purchase of a new system. All modules presented in this category are operational and efficient. They have been professionally disassembled from equipment used in other medical facilities and very precisely verified for proper operation. Used anesthesia system modules, therefore, are a full-fledged part of the medical equipment and can be applied to the apparatus in your medical institution. Our experienced team of experts takes special care to professionally disassemble the used module, and then very precisely and meticulously prepare it for installation in the next equipment. Used modules are subjected to thorough verification of their efficiency and reliability of operation. Our wide range of used modules used in anesthesia system will allow you to match the right module to the needs of your current equipment base. Our used modules are carefully protected in shipment and sent by courier service to customers worldwide. We provide information and support on selecting the right used module, its integration into your anesthesia system and installation.

All our  replacement components come from dismantled medical devices from the world's very best manufacturers. Every spare part is carefully taken apart by our competent specialists, thoroughly tested, preserved and runs through a really rigorous verification procedure before it is added to our offer. All replacement parts are tagged and tested to be entirely compatible with the product model and application edition of the repaired or maintained equipment. We ship our spare parts globally. parts are usually shipped fast in well secured packages by courier operators.


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